Physical treatment

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Physical waste water treatment


The in-house developed GTWE cross-flow filtration systems proved their value in many process- and waste water applications over the years. In comparison to standard filter systems offered by our competitors they stand out due to the low footprint, low energy consumption as well as their heavy duty performance. Find out more:

To be able to offer a complete facility GTWE provides only reliable and trusted pre filter systems like disk filters, drum filters, belt filters.


Further mechanical processes

In municipal sewage plants or small installations (e.g. for hotels) preliminary treatment is carried out by screening, settling out or floating processes. Gross solids, sand, oil and fat are removed using rakes, grit chambers, grease separators, etc.

After biological treatment the sewage water contains quite high levels of organic material and suspended matter. To settle them out baffle plate thickeners or disk filters are used.



Sludge dewatering is quite a task in industrial as well as in municipal waste water treatment. There is a variety of equipment specialized for the respective application like centrifuges, decanters, chamber filter presses, drum filters, band filters.

Often it is worth considering to support the dewatering process by using coagulants and/ or flocculants (chemical process technology).