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HUBER Waste Water Treatment Technology in Costa Rica

GTWE – Exlusive representative for Costa Rica

Since july 2013 GTWE is sales representative for HUBER technology in Costa Rica. The well known german HUBER SE is manufacturer of waste water and sludge treatment technology. HUBER equipment is entirely made of stainless steel and all HUBER products are made in Berching, Germany. HUBER has thousands of references all over the world and for the last years there has been a strongly growing number of installations in Central and South America.


Municipal and industrial waste water solutions

HUBER technology can be applied both in municipal and in industrial waste water treatment. For industrial waste water applications HUBER offers complete and integral waste water solutions for the following industries, among others:

  • Slaughterhouse / meat processing
  • Fish processing industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Breweries
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Fruit processing industry


HUBER screens and fine screens

The removal of coarse solids (e.g. plastic tabs, beverage cans) and fine solids (e.g. toilet paper, small plastic particles) is the first step in any waste water treatment application. This mechanical pretreatment protects downstream components (e.g. pumps, valves, aeration equipment) and enables the treatment plant to work properly. Therefore the mechanical pretreatment is crucial for any waste water treatment facility.

Coarse screens from the HUBER Max®-family

Self cleaning coarse screens of this family (e.g. RakeMax®) are installed directly in the waste water channel and are the first mechanical treatment step in waste water treatment plants. Their compact design and high operational relibility makes them the perfect solution for coarse solids removal at the entrance of the treatment facility. HUBER coarse screens protect downstream equipment and enhance the performance of any waste water treatment plant.


ROTAMAT® rotary drum screens

For the removal of smaller sized solids the use of fines screens is very common in industrial and municipal applications. Most often HUBER ROTAMAT® rotary drum screens are used for this treatment step. These screens are self cleaning and combine washing, compaction, dewatering and transport (e.g. into a container) of the removed solids.



Complete plant ROTAMAT® Ro5

The HUBER Ro5 complete plant combines a variety of different steps of mechanical pretreatment in one single machine:

  • Screening
  • Grit removal
  • Grease removal (optional)
  • Sand washing and dewatering (optional)

Depending on the raw waste water characteristics the HUBER Ro5 complete plant may cover the whole mechanical pretreatment of a waste water treatment facility. After passing through the Ro5 the water is ready for biological treatment.


ROTAMAT® RoK4 vertical screen for pumping stations

Often, due to level differences, it is necessary to use pumping stations for waste water transport towards a treatment plant or sewer system. The vertical screen ROTAMAT® RoK4 is installed directly in the pumping station. The perforated plate screen removes coarse and fine solids from the waste water in order to protect the pumps from damage and operational problems. Thereafter the water is ready to be pumped.

The screen cleans itself automatically and the removed solids are dewatered, compacted and transported upwards automaticall.


  • Protection of pumps
  • Use of smaller and cheaper pumps, due to lower solids concentration
  • Compact and cost-efficient equipment with low maintenances requirements
  • Easier mechanical pretreatment in waste water treatment plant, due to previous solids removal


Thickening, dewatering and drying of sludge

In addition to the cleaning of the waste water, the treatment and elimination of organic and inorganic sludge is crucial in any waste water treatment plant. By thickening, dewatering and drying one can reduce sludge volume up to 95%. This saves transport and elimination costs.

RoS 2S disc thickener

The HUBER disc thickener is a cheap, compact and sturdy machine with high operational realiability for the thickening of raw sludge. Before entering the thickener, the sludge is conditioned with a flocculant. The conditioned sludge enters the thickener where it is dewatered on a rotating filtering disc merely by gravity and without any mechanical force. The liquid flows back to the biological treatment. The thickened sludge is removed automatically from the disc and leaves the machine ready for further treatment.


HUBER RoS 3 screw press

The HUBER RoS 3 screw press can be installed after a prior thickening process (e.g. by a HUBER RoS 2S disc thickener) or process raw sludge directly. Before entering the press, the sludge is conditioned with a flocculant. The conditioned sludge enters the screw press where the slowly rotating screw transports it upwards. The screw rotates inside a screen basket through which the water can leave the press and return to the biological treatment whereas the dewatered sludge is kept inside de basket. The pressure on the sludge is augmenting upwardly. At the highest point of the press the dewatered sludge leaves the machine, ready for transportation or further treatment (e.g. by a HUBER SRT solar dryer).


HUBER SRT solar dryer

Dewatered sludge normally has dry matter content of about 30%. With the HUBER SRT solar dryer the content of dry matter is augmented to at least 65%. This reduces the volume of sluge and therefore sludge handling and elimination costs.

HUBER SRT solar dryers even allow to reach a dry matter content of up to 90% which makes it possible to sell the dry sludge as fuel to certain industries.


More information about HUBER solutions

In addition to the HUBER technology mentioned above there are many other HUBER solutions for waste water, screenings and sludge treatment. Feel free to download the HUBER product guide or visit the HUBER website.

Contact us in order to get more information about the right product and size for your application.