Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of wastewater

In addition to drinking- or process water treatment GTWE also offers systems and plants for waste water treatment. To meet the statutory requirements, waste water has to fulfill certain criteria allowing it to be dumped into waterbodies or the sewage system. Our main focus in Europe is on (strongly) contaminated wastewaters; like from:

  • Metal-working industry
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Chemical and  pharmaceutical industry
  • Production of food and beverage
  • Winery, brewery
  • Hospitals
  • Scientific institutions

Mainly by its Central American branch GTWE offers complete biological treatment plants for hotels, apartment complexes, vacation resorts, hospitals and small municipalities. In addition to that we are able to extend, modernize and optimize already existing plants. It may be very interesting to close the water cycle by reusing some of the treated water, for example for irrigation, toilet flushing or industrial processes.


Sketch of a small sewage treatment plant in Costa Rica with its main components:

  1. Preliminary treatment (screw screen)
  2. Grease separator
  3. Primary sedimentation basin
  4. Trickling  filter
  5. Lamellae separator; poss. Filtration, disinfection
  6. Storage tank for clarified water


Our state-of-the-art technology covers all kinds of physical, chemical and biological wastewater treatment methods (e.g. filtration systems, flocculation or trickling filters respectively). For more information please refer to the respective links:

Industrial_wastewater_treatmentSwiss watchmaking industry: Waste water treatment system with chemical treatment and filtration

Having in mind the whole issue

A complete plant is only as good as its weakest part. Therefore we have in mind the whole issue beginning from the prefiltration, the membrane technology, flocculation and precipitation, biological processes, as well as the automation of the plant. You can fully rely on our many years of experience.