Tube filter

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Tube Filter System

Description and heavy duty performance

The design of the GTWE Tube Filter System aims for medium up to high volume flow rates.

From standard cross-flow filter systems it differs not only in size and appearance but first of all by its operation mode. A very small pump brings the liquid inside the container and provides the pressure necessary for the filtration process.

With an independent agitation system a high cross flow rate across the membrane area can be generated allowing a long uptime before membranes have to be cleaned again. In addition to that the system allows higher concentrations in the bleed than could be achieved by a standard filter system using one pump for both – pressure and flow generation.


Fields of application

Due to its unique design the system can handle raw water containing high concentrations of solid particles to be removed during operation.  There is a broad area of operation for the GTWE Tube Filter System:

  • Fluids charged with oil and/or particles
  • Recycling of process waters (process fluids)
  • Waste water treatment aiming for reduction of volume and costs



Compared to standard ultrafiltration systems the unique patented design of GTWE Tube Filter Systems excels in respect to

  • Small footprint
  • Very high cross flow rate
  • High concentration in bleed can be reached before cleaning
  • High filtration rate per membrane surface area
  • Low fouling of membrane
  • Shorter down time (cleaning less often)
  • Cross flow rate controlled independent of pressure
  • Highly energy efficient (low heating of process water)


Membrane types

Information on the different types of membranes, their manufactures as well as the design of the module can be found here: Membranes and modules