Mini and Kombi Filter

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Mini Filter and Kombi Filter System

Description and fields of application

A tubular filtering medium is fastened to the wall of the container for both types of filters (in the case of the Kombi Filter System a number of filtering candles are installed at the bottom of the container additionally). The filtering medium itself consists of a low priced flat membrane, which is available on the market for all separating capacities. Furthermore a strong agitator unit in the steel vessel working independently from the pressurizing pump keeps the contained liquid in steady rotation. Thereby a strong cross flow is generated cleaning the membrane continuously. Using these types of filters the highest cross flow and hence the highest concentration of particles in the bleed is reached of all filter systems offered by GTWE.

Among others GTWE Mini and Kombi Filter systems may be used in the following fields:

  • Degreasing baths
  • Rinsing baths
  • Washing fluids
  • Phosphatization
  • Reduction of waste water
  • Research and development



Both GTWE filter systems, Mini and Kombi, excel in respect to

  • Highest cross flow rate of all GTWE filter systems
  • Highest particle concentration in bleed
  • High filtration rate per membrane surface area
  • Low fouling of membrane
  • Shorter down time (cleaning less often)
  • Cross flow rate controlled independent of pressure
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low heating of process water
  • Very small footprint

Membrane types

Information on the different types of membranes, their manufactures as well as the design of the module can be found here: Membranes and modules