Membranes and modules

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Filter membranes and modules

Structure of membranes and types of modules

Membranes typically consists out of several functional stacks/layers:

  • Selective layer
  • Micro porous layer
  • Support layer
  • Spacer (spiral wound modules)

With respect to the task (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, etc.) different types of membranes and modules are used:

  • Flat sheet membrane
  • Spiral wound module
  • Tubular membrane module
  • Hollow fiber module
  • Hollow fine fiber module




Membranes typically consists out of one of the following three materials

  • Organic material (cellulose, chitin, etc.)
  • Polymers (polyamide, polyether sulfone, etc.)
  • Inorganic or ceramic material (aluminum, titanium oxide, etc.)

Additionally there are composite-membranes. There the selective layer and the micro porous or support layer consist out of two different materials.


Operational conditions

On the first glance one will pick a membrane having in mind the component to be separated by. But there are additional factors to consider, among others:

  • pH-value
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Organic or biological load of the fluid or the facility
  • Throughput


Independence of manufacturers

As independent equipment manufacturer GTWE has access to a large variety of modules and membranes from different manufacturers fitting to your problem. We are not bound to one single manufacturer. By that we are able to choose the optimum membrane technology for the solution of your task.

Rely on our many years of experience.