Point-of-use solutions

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Ultrafiltration – Point-of-use solutions

Permanent solutions

Such a point-of-use filter system has an ultrafiltration membrane attached permanently to the unit – e.g. a medical washstand or a shower panel. Cleaning of the membrane is done automatically or manually.

As the system is directly installed at the point of use clean water can be provided despite germ infested piping.


  • Cheap model with integrated ultrafiltration
  • Permanent installation
  • Membrane cleaning by manual flushing


  • Shower panel with integrated ultrafiltration
  • Permanent installation
  • Membrane cleaning by automated flushing


  • Medical washstand with integrated ultrafiltration
  • Permanent installation
  • Membrane cleaning by automated flushing

Easy-change solutions

In contrast to permanent solutions easy change-filters don’t need flushing of the filter membrane. The old filter is easily exchanged by a new one as soon as the flow rate drops significantly or its maximum time of use is reached. These filters are cheap and very easy to install.

In contrast to the product of our competitors GTWE filters excel by low costs of operation due to its superior life span.

The GTWE shower head can easily be installed instead of your old one. Bacteria (legionella, multidrug-resistant hospital germs, etc.) are filtered out of the water (99,999%) reducing the risk of e.g. legionnaire’s disease strongly.

Max. time of use: 180 days

Max. capacity: 5,000 liters

Sample application: If water network of a building is known to be contaminated these filters may be used continuously or at least until the complete water system is decontaminated/ disinfected thoroughly. In the meantime GTWE shower heads provide clean water to the residents – protecting their health.

GTWE Drinking Water Cartridges are inserted into the piping to the water tap. This way the water flowing through the cartridge is cleaned by several different filter media. Additional to the cleaning of pathogens (e.g. bacteria) the taste of the water is enhanced.

Cleaning performance: 99,9999 % of all bacteria

Max. time of use: 180 days

Max. capacity: 10,000 liters

Sample application: In restaurants guests often get a glass of tap water for free but depending on the region it has a smell or taste of chlorine. GTWE Drinking Water Cartridges provide clean and pleasant-tasting water – and happy customers.

Fields of application and benefits

Due to the fact that the water is filtered directly before consumption, GTWE Point-of-use filters provide water free of germs even if the water system of the building is contaminated.

Field of applicationBenefits
Hotels and resorts

Apartment complexes
Reliable protection in case the water system is already contaminated or subject to seasonal work

Protection of highly branched (hot) water supply systems
Swimming pools

Recreation centers
Protection of highly frequented public showers

Very robust and protected against vandalism
Hospitals / Physicians
Nursing homes
Kindergartens / Schools
Reliable protection of highly stresses water distribution systems

Compliance with strong hygiene regulations

Special protection of immunocompromised people

GTWE Drinking Water Cartridges are optimized for use in kitchens and restaurants providing water not only free of germs but at the same time enhanced in respect to taste and smell.