Mobile systems

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Ultrafiltration – Mobile systems

Installed in a container– flexible and robust

Our mobile turnkey systems are installed into a standard 20 or 40 feet container and may be started up in no time. The container offers other benefits like protection from weather, theft, vandalism and improper use. The units installed are known to be very robust and run fully automated.

Each 40 feet container can provide flow rates of filtered water of up to 96,000 liters per hour.

Mobile System


Combination with other components

Our container based mobile turnkey solutions may be equipped individually with additional water treatment components. GTWE offers innovative products and systems adapted to your individual problem at hand:

  • Fresh water tank
  • Disinfection (chemical and UV-radiation)
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Softening,
  • Removal of iron and manganese
  • Removal of heavy metals and nitrate

Please contact us for individual advice.


Mobile System

Fields of application

GTWE mobile filter systems may be operated continuously or temporarily:

Field of applicationBenefits
Public water suppliersFully fledged water treatment

No costs for a building
Construction sitesClean water for workmen: eating, drinking, personal hygiene

Cost reduction by avoiding infections or spread of germs
Humanitarian and development organizationsCleaning of strongly contaminated raw water

Protection from weather, theft and vandalism

Easy to install and to operate

Low costs of operation