Central systems

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Ultrafiltration – Central Systems

Volume flow rate – from small to large

GTWE central ultrafiltration (UF) systems are typically installed next to the main water connection supplying whole buildings or parts of bigger buildings with clean drinking water. They can be produced in nearly every size ranging from small systems which supply a small one family home up to systems intended for use in public water supply.

Small to medium sized systems

  • 150 – 6,000 liters per hour
  • Standardized systems

Large systems

  • From 6000 l/h
  • An arbitrarily large flow rate eligible
  • Individual engineering
Small unit

Flow rate: 1,200 L/h

Membrane area: 24 m²

Community_water_supply Large plant

Ultrafiltration modules for municipal water supply

Ultrafiltration_two_modules_120_sqmtrs Medium sized system

Fow rate: 6,000 L/h

Membrane area: 120 m²


Characteristics of central UF systems

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low costs of operation and maintenance
  • Energy efficient – using the pressure of the supply water
  • Automated cleaning by flushing or back-flushing
  • Integration of other GTWE components, like activated carbon filter, water softening, disinfection

On request we also offer options like worldwide remote access or fully automated operation. Feel free to ask us.

Field of application and benefits

GTWE central UF systems for drinking water treatment are flexible not only in size but by the combinability with other GTWE water treatment systems as well. Your benefits:

Field of applicationBenefits
Hotels / Vacation resorts
Apartment complexes
Restaurants / Canteens
Clean and healthy water for guests and personnel

Use for wellness are and swimming pools

Hygienic preparation of food
Companies / IndustryProtection of personnel and low costs of illness

Increasing process stability due to optimized water quality
Hospitals / Physicians
Nursing homes
Protection of personnel and patients

Cost reduction due to less infections

Public suppliers
Protection of public health

Clean an healthy drinking water on a grand scale

Low operating costs