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Drinking water purification by ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration – optimized for potable water

Treatment of drinking water by ultrafiltration is a worldwide standard as this technology removes not only turbidity but also viruses, bacteria and fungi. If the raw water is not contaminated further (e.g. with heavy metals or nitrate) a one-step water treatment by ultrafiltration alone is often good enough to gain high quality drinking water.

Alternatively disinfection of drinking water can be done by adding chemicals or using ultra violet (UV) radiation – but ultrafiltration can achieve more but disinfection alone:

  • Complete removal of suspended particles
  • Removal of pathogens (viruses, bacteria)
  • No formation of bacterial resistance possible
  • No use of additional chemicals

Ultrafiltration systems fitting to every application

Ultrafiltration may be applied in different ways depending on what you want to achieve, on the conditions of the building as well as on the properties of the water itself.

Find out which system fits best:

Central systems

  • Installation at a central place supplying a whole building or a part of a larger building
  • Easy installation
  • Preassembled and easy to transport
  • Low costs of operation and maintenance
  • Individual engineering

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Mobile systems

  • Completely assembled in a 20 or 40 foot container
  • Quick start up
  • Weatherproof
  • Package solution with additional components like water softening, disinfection installed in a single container

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Point-of-use solutions

  • Installation directly at the point of use (shower or water tap)
  • Clean and save water despite germ infested piping
  • Easy-change filter solution (up to 180 days of use)
  • Permanent solution (no need to exchange filter)

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The most important part of the ultrafiltration system is the membrane. The water to be cleaned is pressed through the membrane using high pressure while particles or organisms bigger than the pores of the membrane are kept back. This way only clean and save water can pass and be used right of the way or stored for later reuse.

GTWE membranes are specially engineered for the purpose of drinking water treatment. With its pore size of as small as 0.02 microns it provides more than enough purification performance:

ChargeCleaning performance
Bacteria> 99.999 %
Viruses> 99.999 %
Fungi100 %
Suspended solids and turbidity100 %