Removal of heavy metals

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Removal of heavy metals and phosphates

Heavy metals in drinking water

Heavy metal charged drinking water may have different causes. It may be a consequence of natural or manmade contamination. Recently the latter ocurrs more and more often in all over the world because of the rapidly advancing industrialization. Heavy metals are very harmful and may cause a variety of diseases. Over time they accumulate in the human organism because the body can’t degrade them. Therefore the limits for these substances in drinking water must be observed strictly.


How the removal works

To remove heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper, zinc, cadmium) but also arsenic and phosphates GTWE uses a special granulate which stands out due to its long useful life. In a filter tank the raw water flows through a thick layer of granulate which adsorbs the above mentioned substances. Through the adsorption process the water is cleaned. The process works without adding any chemical products and the filter granulate does not have to be regenerated. Merely backwashing (manually or automatically controlled) is necessary from time to time to prevent fouling and to keep the granulate surface clean and reactive.

Benefits of GTWE systems

  • Flexibility: Big central facilities as well as point-of-use solutions possible
  • Pre-assembled facilites, quick and easy installation
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Long useful life of special filter granulate: up to 5 years


Arsenic contamination in Costa Rica

For several years now there has been a contamination of drinking water with arsenic in Guanacaste and Zona Norte de Alajuela, Costa Rica. The arsenic is of natural origin and has occured due to geological formations. In 2013 GTWE installed a filter for the arsenic removal which purifies up to 2.000 liters per hour. See also References