Iron and manganese removal

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Iron and manganese removal

Iron and manganese in drinking water

A high iron and manganese content may influence the taste of food and beverages. Manganese, for example, causes a bitter taste. In addition to that turbidity may occur because of oxidation processes. High iron and manganese concentrations lead to persistent spots and discolorations on clothes.

Especially when used for industrial purposes (beverage industry, boiler feedwater, etc.) iron and manganese present a high risk for the technical facilities and for the product quality as well. Many times even relatively low contents are risky.


Suitable filtering materials

GTWE offers a vast portfolio of special filtering materials for iron and manganese removal. The differ form each other in reference to certain characteristics, among others their capacity and their sensitivity with respect to chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. If reasonable, we prefer filter material that work without adding oxidants (e.g. chlorine) and oxygen artificially.

Plants and dimensioning

Based on a water analysis and your individual situation we select the adequate filter material and design of the system for you. Frequently one uses the iron and manganese removal as a pre-treatment to protect other water treatment facilities downstream (e.g. water softeners).