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Disinfection for drinking water treatment

Chemical disinfection

For chemical disinfection GTWE uses chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite. Correctly dosed both chemical agents are able to kill and eliminate nearly all bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The GTWE systems for chemical disinfection are pre-installed on an aluminium rack and include a dosing pump and a water meter. By that the installation is quick and easy.

Chlorine dioxide is perfectly applicable for drinking water disinfection because it neither changes smell nor taste of the water. It eliminates germs protects against a re-contamination. The long lasting disinfection power makes it possible to destroy and remove biofilms throughout the water supply system.

Especially for swimming pools, industrial applications and for wastewater after-treatment sodium hypochlorite is a suitable and worldwide approved disinfection agent. The systems are robust and have low operating costs.

Chlorine_dioxide_disinfection System for the automated production and dosage of chlorine dioxide
UV_disinfection System for the UV disinfection of drinking water:

  • Quick and easy installtion
  • Low space requirements
  • Eco-friendly

Ultraviolett (UV) disinfection

Contrary to the above mentioned systems an UV disinfection system does not deploy any chemical agents. This makes this technology economically and ecologically beneficial.

Used for the disinfection of swimming pool water UV radiation not only eliminates germs but also chloramines. The latter are causing the typical “swimming pool smell” and irritation of eyes and skin.

Combination with ultrafiltration systems

In some cases it may be reasonable to combine a disinfection system (chemical or UV based) with an ultrafiltration unit. The latter removes germs perfectly from the water at the point of filtration. To prevent any re-contamination after the filtration, one can dose small quantities of chlorine dioxide into the water or install a UV system in a storage tank.