Activated carbon

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Activated carbon for drinking water treatment

The allrounder

Activated carbon filters may improve water quality in many ways – and simultaneously. They reduce germs, heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides, coloring and particles in the drinking water. In addition to that activated carbon eliminates bad smell and taste (e.g. chlorine smell).


How activated carbon works

The effective substance of the filter is a special type of carbon offering very high purity and very high specific surface area at the same time.

Therefore the activated carbon has a limited capacity and has to be replaced after a certain amount of water treated. Normally the lifetime averages at least 6 months.

Technical characteristics

GTWE activated carbon filters are suitable for nearly unlimited flow rates. The housing material may be stainless steel, plastic or GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). The filtration limit normally averages at 5 microns.

The GTWE Drinking Water Cartridges for kitchens and restaurants use activated carbon filtration, too. Among other components they contain an activated carbon layer for purification and improvement of taste.