Drinking Water Treatment

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Top quality drinking water for any task

Drinking and cooking

There are two alternatives for your potable water supply:  the public water supply or your own spring.

In both cases the quality of the water for daily use may not fit your needs. It may be contaminated with germs or toxic substances or it may have an unpleasant smell, taste or look. There are different reasons for such a situation like an insufficient water treatment, old and unhygienic water distribution systems or geological aspects.

There is a manifold of possible contaminations of potable water:

  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites
  • Odors, coloring, turbidity
  • High chlorine concentration
  • Excess of iron and manganese
  • High Nitrate content
  • Heavy metal pollution

GTWE offers innovative products and systems adapted to your individual problem at hand providing clean, healthy and tasty potable water.






Personal hygiene, washing and cleaning

Nowadays only a small portion of potable water is used to satisfy your thirst. More than 95 % are spend for:

  • Having a shower, personal hygiene
  • Washing, dish washing and cleaning
  • Using the toilet
  • Swimming pool
  • Watering the garden

Even though  your potable water may be used for purposes of drinking or cooking safely it still may have undesired properties :

  • High hardness
  • Excess of iron or manganese
  • Corrosive components

Such a situation would increase your efforts for cleaning and maintenance to prevent technical risks. Additionally high water hardness may influence your skin negatively (irritations) and is said to aid skin-illnesses.

GTWE offers innovative products and systems increasing water quality to your satisfaction – at the same time reducing maintenance costs and increasing lifetime of your building technology. 

Food and beverage industry

To meet the high expectations on our food and beverage the production process has to be perfectly hygienic. Hence for cleaning of the machines, containers and piping only top level quality water may be used. Further on the properties of the potable water strongly influences the taste and aroma of the food or beverage produced. Therefore the water has to be not only clean and hygienic but may not fluctuate in its other properties at the same time.

GTWE offers innovative products and systems allowing top level hygienic production and at the same time a constant taste and aroma of the products.