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Examples of Water Treatment Systems by GTWE

References in Germany

Client: Solarworld AG
Industry: Solar industry
Project description: Complete treatment plant for reuse of cleaning water for wafer production



Client: Daimler AG
Industry: Automotive
Project description: Treatment of rinsing bath
Client: Heraeus
Industry: Metalworking
Project description: Kombi Filter for extension of the useful life of a cleaning bath

References in Costa Rica

Client: Fortech Microabrasivos S.A.
Industry: Chemical products
Project description: Ultrafiltration system for elimination of bacteria in deionized water


Client: DPL Semillas
Industry: Agribusiness
Project description: Elimination of arsenic from drinking water for the drinking water supply of an office building.


Reference in Liechtenstein

Client: ThyssenKrupp
Industry: Metalworking
Project description: Reverse osmosis system for rinse water reuse

Reference in Bulgaria

Client: ThyssenKrupp Sofia
Industry: Metalworking
Project description: Cartridge filter for cleaning bath

Reference in Switzerland

Client: Cartier
Industry: Watchmaking
Project description: Complete plant for combined chemical and physical treatment of process wastewater