Tratamiento de aguas de proceso

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Process water treatment

What process water is for

Water is used for various purposes in different industrial sectors:

  • cleaning water
  • coolant
  • solvent
  • flux

Advantages of process water treatment

Regeneration of such industrial process waters has a number of benefits

  • optimized quality of process water meeting  the different requirements
  • stable production conditions
  • savings on expensive additives
  • savings on water
  • reduction of amount of waste water
  • reduction of environmental pollution

GTWE offers different technical approaches in the field of process water treatment – covering also your problem. Send us your request.



Technology and challenges

Fitting to your needs GTWE offers  quite a variety of solutions:

  • Filtration (e.g. of oil and particles)
  • Reduction of organic load
  • Removal of bacteria and fungi
  • Reduction of hardness
  • Elimination of metal ions
  • Removal of heavy metals, iron and manganese
  • Desalination (partial desalination)

Often it is not only a challenge to get some components out of the process water but to keep others (like expensive additives) in and not to change their mixing ratio.


Filtration: Micro- und ultrafiltration

Since 1991 filtration technology in all its aspects stands in the center of our efforts. Micro- and ultrafiltration allow to remove or to increase in concentration certain components of the process water. The separation of the different components e.g. of a slurry is defined by the pore size of the membranes used.

We can offer different types of microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems fitting to the specific task:

  • mini filter system
  • combined filter system
  • cartridge filter system
  • tube filter system

To prolong the up time of a filter system (the time span between two cleaning procedures of the membrane) coagulants or flocculants fitting to the problem at hand may be used.

GTWE micro- and ultrafiltration systems stand out due to the compact size, the efficient use of membrane surface and the low energy consumption respective low energy insertion into the process water.

Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration

Reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) are membrane based filtration methods able to remove extremely small sized particles, larger molecules and even ions from the process water. Find out more.


Having in mind the whole issue

Often a complete facility is only as good as its weakest part. Therefore we have in mind the whole issue beginning from the pretreatment of process water (desalinization, softening), prefiltration, the filtration itself, automation as well as the waste water treatment.

You can fully rely on our many years of experience.