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Alternative Biogas Production

Alternative biogas reactor – technique and advantages

Our new and inventive technology can process a wide range of the available biomass. In contrast to standard biogas facilities fibrous plant cellulose can be decomposed rapidly. It is even possible to process digestate of conventional biogas plants.

The way nature would produce biogas

This technology is based on copying (technologically) the gastro-esophageal vestibule of ruminant animals. In contrast to standard biogas plants other microorganisms are employed, which in the end are responsible for the high decomposition rate of the biomass as well as for the broad spectra of substrates to be used.

Comparison and advantages

Compared to standard biogas reactors our technology offers many advantages:

  • Utilization of wide range of biomass. Even substrates with high cellulose content can be processed.
  • Modular and container based system
  • High throughput à small footprint
  • Increased process stability

Send us your request to get more details on the process or the biomass to be used in our new and inventive reactor.

Ways of biogas utilization

Depending on the size and the needs of the customer there are different ways for using the biogas:

  • Storage
  • Power generation and
  • Waste heat utilization
  • Burning of biogas for efficient steam generation


Biogas reactor, property of the University of Bremen



GTWE cooperates with RuSiTec, which developed the so called RuminoTec-system and produces the new and innovative biogas reactors. Besides sales and distribution it‘s aim of this cooperation to adapt the technique on the different available biomass of the respective projects.

We exclusively represent RuSiTec  in the following countries:

  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala