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Pyrolysis reactor


Production / generation of:

  • biochar
  • pyrolysis gas
  • pyrolysis oil
  • heat
  • power

The operation of the pyrolysis reactor focuses on the production of biochar in industrial quantities. Biochar may be sold or used by the producer himself for many different purposes.

The pyrolysis reactor is very flexible in respect to the biomass applied: it’s tested with more than 100 different kinds of biomass.

Suitable biomass (examples):

  • Waste biomass from the palm oil industry
  • Bamboo
  • Woodchips
  • Digestate from biogas plants
  • Organic waste

Biogas Plant

Biogas_plantProduction / generation of:

  • biogas
  • heat
  • power

Our new and inventive biogas plant differs from standard ones mainly by the fact that it is able to decompose fibrous plant cellulose rapidly – this extends the kinds of biomass to be used in the biogas plant strongly.

The produced biogas can be stored or directly used for heat and power generation.

Suitable biomass (examples):

  • Empty fruit bunches (EFB) of oil palms
  • Digestate from biogas plants
  • Plants (or parts thereof) with a high cellulose content