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Water Treatment

Waste WaterProcess WaterDrinking Water

Waste Water TreatmentA good wastewater treatment saves costs and is the best protection for our drinking water. This applies to industrially polluted water as well as to conventional wastewater coming from hotels, offices and housing complexes. The objective of a wastewater treatment may even be the reuse of the water.

Process Water Treatment

In industry and in building services there are many open and closed water cycles. There the optimum water quality has two positive effects: It reduces operating and maintenance costs and it enhances the quality of production processes.

Drinking Water Treatment

Pure, healthy and good tasting drinking water protects against diseases and increases quality of life. Purified and treated water lowers operating and maintenance costs and makes the daily body care a feel good experience.

Biomass to Energy


Biomass utilizationTogether with our co-operation partners GTWE sets its focus upon the following technologies:

The accumulating biomass can be utilized via these different technologies. The right choice of the technology fitting best to your needs depends on the following factors:

  • Kind of biomass available: composition of biomass (content of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, etc.), ash content and melting point, etc.
  • Use of Biomass for: Heat and/or power generation, production of biochar, elimination of biomass (contaminated with pesticides), etc.